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The Bayard Rustin LGBTQ+ Resource Center

The Bayard Rustin LGBTQ+ Resource Center

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The Mission

"We need in every community a group of angelic troublemakers."-- Bayard Rustin

The Bayard Rustin Center is dedicated to expanding care for all LBGTQ+ individuals. Within Summit County, people of color, men, women, and non-binary, continue to experience the highest rates of HIV infections. The Bayard Rustin Center takes a culturally, inclusive approach to address the client's needs. Our experienced staff has a strong understanding of the needs of LGBTQ+ and is able to provide caring, empathetic approaches to The Bayard Rustin Center is the only statewide LGBTQ+ drop-in location. Our services include HIV, STI, and COVID testing services, housing referrals, mental health support, anti-violence programs, a food pantry, a clothing closet, weekly community meals, and discussions.

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The Black community within Summit County is experiencing high rates of HIV among women and men. With decades of experience and a strong grasp on culture and intersectionality, we are able to provide tailored care to our clients through a culturally centered approach.

The Vision

"To be afraid is to behave as if the truth were not true." -- Bayard Rustin

Our vision is to elevate advocacy efforts for individuals living with HIV/AIDS and the LGBTQ+ community at large. This includes those who have faced the challenges of stigma related to sexual and gender orientation within the


Our History

"We are all one -and if we don't know it, we will learn it the hard way." -- Bayard Rustin

In 2000, the Akron Brother Circle was formed as a support group for same-gender-loving men, this group grew to become a part of the Akron AIDS Collaborative.

The Akron AIDS Collaborative was formed to help support individuals and their families in addressing newly diagnosed HIV cases and related issues.

Today, the Akron AIDS Collaborative continues its work under the Bayard Rustin LGBTQ+ Center.

Our Executive Director

“Let us be enraged about injustice, but let us not be destroyed by it.” -- Bayard Rustin

Stanford 'Steve' Arrington has been a community activist and advocate in the field of HIV/AIDS. In 1990, he founded 'Blacks, Gays. and Lesbians United Against AIDS' in Denver with the Colorado AIDS Project.

Steve's work emphasizes combating stigma, discrimination, and inequalities affecting people of color living with HIV/AIDS.

Our Pillars of Service

Outreach Case Management

Community Engagement

Center Programming

Our Service Offerings

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Outreach Case Management

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Community Engagement

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Center Programming

  • Mental Health Referrals
  • HIV Testing
  • Medical Referrals
  • Housing Referrals
  • Clothing Bank
  • HIV Testing
  • DEIB Trainings & Workshops
  • Akron Trans Day of Visibility Celebration
  • Akron Trans Day of Remembrance Commemoration
  • Family Black Pride
  • Akron Pride
  • Anti-Violence Program
  • Ladies First: A Monthly Feminine Presenting Community Forum
  • Art Therapy

Our Board

Executive Director

Steve Arrington

Executive Committee President

Yvonne Oliver

Vice President

Jimmie Howard


Rev. Robert Dreese


Lillie Jackson

Marquetta Wooston

Dionne Miller-Fitch

Hertistine Price

Paula Smith

Courtney Calhoun

Our Partners

Interested in becoming a partner? Contact us at admin@ohioaac.org

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Monday-Friday, 10am-4pm

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652 W Exchange Street, Akron, OH 44302

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